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About the Place

The crowds and chaos of Mumbai can bewilder even the savviest of travelers the world's most,. Mumbai is India at its most contradictory: aggressively modern, yet in parts verging on medieval; glamorous, yet rough-edged; dazzlingly cosmopolitan, and  You never felt the same romantic charge that you get from Mumbai
Goa, the land blessed with splendid scenic beauty, golden beaches, beautiful rivers and lakes and architectural splendors is undoubtedly a "Tourist's Paradise". The perfect words to describe Goa is - "The land of Sun, Sand and Sea". A leisurely day basking under the sun on the white sandy beaches of Goa is definition of a perfect holiday.
Jalogaon : Jalgaon is a city of western India which lies to the north of the Maharashtra state in Jalgaon District, Jalgaon is often known as the Banana Capital of India. The city of Jalgaon is known to produce more than 16% of India's banana production and is one of the world's major banana producing regions. Though not a famous tourist destination, the place is bounded by several religious temples and cultural establishments. The world famous heritage site Ajanta caves is far near to Jalgaon district. Making it as one of major International Tourism hub for tourist to reach the Ajanta & Ellora caves.
Aurangabad : The original name of  Aurangabad was Khadki (window), founded in 1610 by Malik Ambar. When Fateh Khan, Malik Ambar's son turned successor in 1626, he gave the city the name 'Fatehpur'.  In 1653 when prince Aurangazeb was appointed Viceroy of the Deccan for the second time, he made Fatehpur his capital and called it 'Aurangabad'; Since then the city came to be known as Aurangabad. Today Aurangabad is a lively city of Maharashtra with various big and small industries, fine silken textiles, and wonderful hand woven brocades of silver and gold fabrics, Himroo of world frame.
Mahabaleswar : The jungle of Mahabaleshwar is thick & produces many commercial as well as medicinal trees & plants. The wild life is limited to foxes, jackals, & wild boars. Deers & bisons are found in the brahma aranya area. Panthers are rare. The famous bird in the urdu poetry, Bulbul is found everywhere in the plateau. The weather of Mahabaleshwar & healthy & contains an ideal of 20% oxygen which is often agumented in foggy weather of late summers & early monsoon, when the pleateau is covered by thick mist. The water contains a meager percentage of iron which helps to increase hemoglobin in the blood.
Goa : Goa is world renowned for its beaches and attracts innumerable domestic and foreign tourists every year. The perfect holiday in Goa for many tourists is to laze under the sun on the picturesque and romantic beaches of Goa. When you picture Goa the first thing that comes to your mind is pristine scenic beauty of the s tate that nature God has blessed on it. But yes, there's much more to Goa than it's beaches. The tiny emarald land can boast of its unique history and culture. The culture here shows the confluence of the east and the west. The state is home to both beautiful temples and magnificent churches. he city is also believed to have been a part of ancient India. In Indian epic Mahabharata it is known as'Goparashtra' or 'Govarashtra'. The city is referred to as city of cowherds.
Mumbai : There are many things to love about Mumbai. One is simply the geographical names, like The Queen's Necklace and Elephanta Island, all with roots in the British Empire, Mumbai has India's largest Stock Exchange, which is supposed to be the third largest in the world. It is located on the West Coast of India. The city has natural harbourMumbai holds a millions of dazzling stars and is famous for diverse innovative lifestyle and is likely to become even stronger as the city moves closer and closer to become the world's second largest metro. With attractions like Marine Drive, Gateway of India, Haji Ali Tomb. Elephanta Island.Mumbai is more than a cosmopolitan city made of concrete buildings. The factories and mills in Mumbai operate day and night and thereby meet the rising demands of the commercial city of Mumbai.Apart from being the commercial city of India, Mumbai boast number of tourist’s attractions. There are so many places to visit in Mumbai like Gateway of India, Mahalaxmi Temple, Haji Ali Mosque, Mani Bhavan (Gandhi Memorial), Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive, Afghan Church etc.Mumbai is a very good place for fun lovers.
Best  Time  to  Visit : September  to  March.

About Mumbai & Goa

Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is a sprawling, densely populated city on India’s west coast. On the Mumbai Harbour waterfront stands the iconic Gateway of India stone arch, built by the British Raj in 1924. Offshore, nearby Elephanta Island holds ancient cave temples dedicated to Shiva. The city is also famous as the heart of the Hindi-language Bollywood film industry.